World Education Games

Want to rev up the competition in your class? You can pit your students versus the world at the World Education Games. The games themselves will take place on

5 March – World Literacy Day
6 March – World Maths Day
7 March – World Science Day

Note: These dates are set relative to the host city Sydney – I’m not sure what that means for their start times in the US.

I tried out the math and literacy categories, but the science required a plug-in (for more info on science check page 9 of the teachers guide). Because it’s the age group I work with, I tried out the middle school bracket. In both math and science the ‘game’ is a one on one race with another participant from around the globe. The user is presented with the question at the top of the screen, a graph below showing their opponents progress, and a timer with the time left in the round.

World Education Games Maths Level 4 Screen Shot

Me losing to a nice Canadian girl at level 4 Maths, where they include negative numbers. The [x] next to my profile means I have gotten one question wrong – after 3 questions wrong you “strike out”.

In the Math games Level 1 the questions started with adding and subtracting single digits from two digit numbers [77-6]. Level 3 escalated to multiplication, division, and complete the sequence [43, 52, 61…], while level 5 included functions as advanced as cube roots, including find the cube root of 6859 [it’s 19].

Maths Level 4 Results Screen Shot

After each round the questions asked, answers given, and correct answers are shown.

In the Literacy game students race to spell a word after hearing it alone, and then in a sentence. Essentially it is a one on one spelling be. Note: I am a terrible speller. At level 1 i got timetable, plain, rarely, shelves, soil. At level 3 carafe, adept, artisan, enzyme, intense, abyss archery eligible, and at level 5 sortsango, caterwaul, centrifuge, mastectomy, relegation, paradigm, penicillin. To be honest the only reason I got that many in level 5 was because I got a bunch of science words, and I still only got to 7 words.

Literacy Level 3 Screen Shot

A screen shot of Literacy Level 3. A voice reads the word, then the sentence using the word. Speakers are necessary for this game.

Normally this blog will focus on creative, well programed, or otherwise exceptional free educating software. The software on WEC is nice enough, with some interesting structures for the questions, but it is sponsored and driven on a host of for-sale educational software. That said, I find the use of competition in educational games worth a post.  Below you will find links to and about the World Education Games, including a teacher’s guide to getting involved.

World Education Games Home Page

WEG Teacher’s Guide

Wikipedia on the WEG

Donna Román’s post on her blog  “Map without Borders” where I first read about the WEG

The Guiness World Record Book entry for the 2010 Maths Day – “The largest online Maths competition” a record they intend to shatter this year


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