About Edu-Free-Ware

About this page:

     This blog is primarily a place for me to review and share the best free educational software and resources I can find.  Educational software is a growing obsession of mine, and I believe the development of good public resources is key to improving our education system.  Unfortunately, many of the best free programs and websites can get lost in the monsoon of edtech.  Hence, I decided to compile a resource with the best that I know of, to help other educators and students, and help shine a spot light on the awesome work that some are doing.  If you have a resource you think I should know about please send me a link, and a description about what makes it so great.  I can be reached at edufreeware (at) gmail (dot) com

     I also intend to share material other than reviews in non-post pages [to the left], such as articles on relevant science, links to un-reviewed resources, and such.

About me:

     I am a recent graduate from a liberal arts psychology program currently serving with Minnesota Math Corps as a Math Enrichment Tutor. I have some back ground in programming, some in philosophy, and a substantial amount in learning, memory, and neuroscience.  However, I am only now digging into education theory, and honestly its a staggering amount to take in. When I started I thought I had at least a leg to stand on, but I feel a little bit more like the black knight every day. Someday I hope to develop my own educational software, or at least be involved in making these amazing tools, and this page is my “Otto’s notebook” for that project.

The Blogs that I love most, linked to my favorite article from each.

HackEducation.com – A beautiful blog about edTech, and I’ve linked to her list of things every ed-tech wanna-be should read.

dy/dan – A Math teacher who’s blog is dedicated to lessons, materials, and pedagogy. I also love Dan’s website 101qs.com.


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