Educational FreeWare Links

Below you will find an ever growing compilation of web resources to help you find educational resources beyond those featured on this page. Know a good source I’m missing? Let me know! edufreeware (at) gmail com

Other Sources for Educational Freeware:

A larger website with the same goal as this one – sharing and promoting excellent Educational Freeware. If what you want isn’t here, this is where I would look.

A HUGE, mildly cluttered web page with tons of resources organized in a host of useful ways, including Common Core resources, an entire SAT/ACT prep program, and many more. 2000-2013’s collection of educational software.

The KidsKnowIt Network 1998 – 2013

Blogs Aggregating Educational Freeware and Freeware for Education:

Sources that helped shape/compile this list:

Got something to add? See a typo? Let me know edufreeware (at) gmail (dot) com. Or, if you feel I have miss-categorized, slighted, or otherwise insulted your website please let me know and I will do my best to rectify the situation!


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