Math Games

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There are hundreds, if not thousands of pages with math games out there – on this page, when fully functional, you will find a collection of the best games/sites that I’ve found. The primary criteria I will be looking for are: Aesthetics and Ease of Use, plus bonus points if you can customize the parameters involved.

Preschool and Elementary

Profesor Garfield – Screen

Four Games:

  1. What do I see? – count the beads on the left and enter the number
  2. Push to Make – given a number, click on the beads to slide that many left
  3. Making Combinations – select the addition and subtraction facts that have the desired result
  4. Fact Families – Select the other addition/subtraction sentences that relate to the target

Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd Grade
Tips: Instructions are available by clicking the “i” for information button on the top right.
Refresh if you don’t see Garfield.
Brought to you by: © Paws, Inc. and the Indiana Department of Education

Middle School

High School


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